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Im Happy I talk to one of the Manager of BE FREE FINANCIAL and she helps me with my Dept. before im paying $1300 a month but now im paying 108.33 Only and its for 12 month WOW what i help, THANK YOU BEE FREE FINANCIAL Keep it Up Guys.

Shirley Scott, USA


Be Free Financial is very helpful to me because they were able to give me a service more than I expected. One day, I received a call from one of their specialist and offered to give me a free quote for my payday loan , that was a big help for me since that time I am thinking of the other ways how can I budget my money for all the bills, credit cards and other expenses. I decided to consolidated with them since I realized that I will be saving a lot of money on their service. Now, I am living a debt free life.


I looked up to my mom. She’s wonderful and a strong woman. My Dad left us when I was 4 and I have a little brother whose two that time. I’ve seen my mom worked so hard for us not knowing what’s going on with her. We simply lived happily as me and my brother grew up and now I’m 20 and my brother 18. Mom was always busy. And I’ve been wondering why she has to do part time jobs. Then one day, I found out why. I was at home and I got this call looking for my mom and had something to do with delay on loan payments. So I told my mom about it. Then I noticed from that day on, she looked worried and there was one night that I heard her complaining, I felt sorry for my mom, and kinda worried. Another day, another phone call I got, somebody looking for my mom and i said she’s at work, and the lady said about payday loan. “Is this a creditor again or what?” , said to myself. I was told they are into helping people get freed out of debt. So there it goes, I told my mom about BeFreeFinancial and gave her their number (I took the number 888-926-1337, thinkin’ it would help mom). Mom called that number and she looked so excited and happy and told me, that somebody from heaven have smiled upon us. Today, Mom have given up one of her jobs, that she needs more time with us and we love that. Thank you Befreefinancial! – Chloe Dwight, Tampa, Florida


I’m michelle, single mom have 3kids. i dont have job now so its not fun taking care of their needs i left a debt when i was still working in our company now this is the catch how can i pay my debt now that im broke? good thing my friend told me that my debt can be i rush to my friends house and talk to her about that company who can help me consolidate it..thanks be free financial for helping us broke ones start up a new life


Hi! I’m Rachelle a mid-wife I’m having headache on my creditors they harassing me on phone calls.
Then one day i heard the Be Free Financial that they help people on this kind of problem that I experiencing now and thank God they really help me a lot my creditors never bother me anymore because they handle it well all of my Creditors.

Be Free Financial they really free you from debt

I sincerely appreciate the effort of this company to help people like me.


Debt Relief 2

Cordoned By Debts? Get Debt Relief And Enjoy Sanity.

It is no secret that debts have affected millions of people including the high and mighty in the society. This has led to millions of people being stuck financially not knowing the way forward. There are many debt relief companies scattered all over ready to offer help. Latest research shows that the number of people seeking these services is going down by the day. This does not mean that there are no people seeking help. For those who have, they have laughed all the way to their homes.Debt reprieve companies’ main goal is to help their clients to pay their debts and stay sane during the entire process. One such company is Be Free Consolidation.

It is important for anyone facing debt to seek counseling from a well trained financial counselor. The counselor will help them choose the right and safest method of debt relief. There are many factors that need to be put into consideration before settling down on any method. In the event that a client is faced with a huge debt and does not wish to file for bankruptcy, debt settlement will be their best option. In this case the client makes an arrangement with a debt relief company to help them settle their debts. This is how it works, the client stops paying their bills to their creditors and instead pays straight to the debt relief company. The company is the one that relates to the creditors. This way,the client is able to pull away their creditors from their back and concentrate more on how to work towards a debt free life. Research has shown that people who use this method are free from debts in two years.

The other method that has been highly recommended is debt consolidation. This is where all the debts that a client owes are put together (consolidated) into one. Once a client has settled for this method a financial consultant takes time to evaluate the debt. The good thing with this method of debt reliefs that the company takes the client’s place and negotiates for the lowering of the debt with their creditors. It is possible to have late fees or other extra charges put aside to reduce the debt.A financial consultant will also negotiate for lowering of interest rates or a total waiver of the same. After the waivers have been done, the remaining amount (debt) is then sectioned into manageable monthly installments. This makes payments easier for the client.

Payday loans as the name suggests are loans given to people who need quick money to pay urgent bills. They come in handy for demand for payments which had not been budgeted for in advance. For instance, a client will need a payday loan if their car brakesdown and they had not set money aside for it. Sicknesses, deaths and repairs are among reasons why people choose payday loans. To access these loans a client will need to visit companies which offer such services. They are easy to get and a client can access cash in less than 24 hrs.

Seeking the services of debt relief companies goes a long way in ensuring that you live a stress free life even when surrounded by huge debts. It feels good to have someone else handling your mess as you look for your right footing.

Debt Relief 1

Rather go to bed without dinner than to rise in debt – Benjamin Franklin
Easier said than done you might say but putting in very simple words staying in debt too long is a result of poor money management. With education loans, easy credit cards combined with our lifestyle it takes a lot of work to become debt free.

To start with one should have a complete understanding of how much one owes. Access income and monthly expenditure then prepare a reasonable budget. When trying for debt relief one should use one credit card with a low limit and always try to pay more than the minimum payment. Small precautions will save you from spiraling down into further debt trap.

A low interest consolidation loan can pay off existing credit card balances. This will help you convert several debts with varying interest rates into one single and affordable monthly payment. A debt calculator should be used in the process, it’s a financial tool that help you figure out the time you need to pay off the debt, how much to pay monthly and how much to save.

For professional credit counseling one can enroll onto a debt management program with a credit counseling agency, here a professional helps you fix your budget so that you can make timely payments toward your debt. A unique debt relief approach is debt settlement wherein the creditor reduces the total debt amount in exchange for a lump sum payment. This usually happens in case of unsecure debts like utility bills etc.

To get a more comprehensive look at your debt and expenses there are a number of online budgeting tools provided by financial websites. They make your financial data easy by presenting it in the form of graphs and charts. A small suggestion that helps is that try paying cash whenever possible, avoiding credit cards is equivalent to avoiding debt. Debt avalanche and debt snowball are two other methods of tackling debt. While the former involves paying off the biggest debt first, followed by the next big number and so on the latter involves repaying the smallest debt with extra payment and minimum payments to others. Choose whatever suits you and stick to it.

Tackling debt is not an easy task; sacrifices will be made in the process. Some things that can save a lot of money are fairly easy to do like going for unbranded clothes, skipping dinner at expensive restaurants, renting a movie to watch at home. Always have an emergency fund to stay prepared for any kind of unfortunate incident, keep aside certain amount for emergencies and never touch it to make credit card or monthly mortgage payments. Keep a track of all your debt, get your credit reports from credit bureaus like Equifax, Experian and TransUnion.

With a few necessary steps it is not impossible to live a debt free life. Complete awareness of your finances and control of your expenses will definitely free you of that overwhelming debt burden.

Recent news for debt relief services

Are you overloaded with debt? If so, you may be searching for a way out. The concerning point is, there are so many debt consolidationcompanieswaiting to grab your incapability. Keep it in the mind however, that they do not have the miracle to eliminate your debts overnight.

Adebt consolidation company doesn’t pay off your old debts but they simply replace your existing credit card debt with a new one at a lower interest.

Recently some renowned company disclosed their debt consolidation program for the extreme borrowers. These companies claim that, their program designed for the borrower’s needs, budgets and financial aids. Their publications also includes a list of common attributes such as availability of settlement, other information and resolution time frames.

The debt consolidation specialists, on the other side, advised to the borrowers forobeying some fundamental factsbefore deciding on any debt elimination plan. The specialists also included that there are some nonprofitcredit counselors who provide free consultancy on different credit card issues. They have also advised not to relate to the company that promises you to eliminate all of your unsecured debts andtempted you not to contact with your creditors.
After purely studying all the recent news for debt services it’s also observed that, hundreds of debt consolidation companies arejust developing their smart trap to catch the frustrated borrowers.

At the end of the day, if you really decide to go for a debt consolidation program you should keep in your mind the following issues-

  • What kind of financial facilities they are providing
  • Be sure about their fees
  • What kind of approach they will take to handle your creditors
  • Ask about your payment process for the program
  • Think hundred timesif you really need the consolidation program

An act on time can unfetter your debt

In a study, an average US household was found to have approx $20K in non-mortgage debt. But the things have been changing. The New Year has shown a remarkable improvement in debt crisis. With various government debt relief programs and private companies coming into role, an ordinary household individual feels less depressed as compared to previous year. So if you are looking for a way out through your deep debt, then here are some smart acts that can lead you to a substantial debt free life.

1. Personal Effort

This is the best act that starts from home. Become your own personal debt manager. ‘SAVE” on everything. Cut off your daily expenses and try to save each penny. Use online applications to create an emergency fund. Say “NO” to new bills. Stop using credit card lavishly. Use self repayment methodology to manage your unpaid debts.

2. Credit Counseling Agencies

Look for debt relief with the help of debt relief USA program like credit counseling agencies that negotiate with your creditors to make interest rates lower and save you from embarrassing follow up calls by these credit giving companies. These agencies can manage funds on behalf of you. But do enquire about these companies background before entering into any type of deal.

3. Grouping multiple debts

There are many debt relief companies which can help you in combining various debts types like bills or credit cards to form a single group through which single payment will be made. These companies negotiate with credit companies for secured lower interest rates and even settling down other outstanding.

These are snapshots of probable debt relief plans. One can consult a debt relief specialist for helping you out in critical situation. But keep in mind that for hiring such specialist you need to have some extra money. In case no act is successful you can go to court and declare bankruptcy. But that is extreme situation. A little discipline and close watch on USA debt relief programs will certainly benefit you to great extent.

5 tips for a successful debt relief plan

Developing a debt relief plan is an important step towards reducing the ever-increasing debt figures looming over your head. The most important aspect of a successful debt relief plan lies in its practicality, whether the goals are reachable or not. It is the implementation which will lead to a successful debt reduction, so make sure your strategy is workable.

Below are the 5 tips for a successful debt reduction plan to make those mounting debt figures slide down to your relief:

1.Calculate the exact figures:

The foremost step of a successful debt relief plan is to determine the exact debt you owe. Make sure you take the money statements from all types of debts to find out the current balance. Find out how much debts you owe and how much they are costing you by adding interest rates, terms and conditions and minimum monthly payments.

2.Strip the credit cards:

You definitely need to strip off your credit card completely when you are on a debt relief plan. Use only cash. Whenever you have to buy a thing, ask yourself whether you can pay for it in cash? If yes, go ahead buy it. Otherwise, save some money and buy it later. You can cancel your accounts completely to stay away from credit cards but it is best to keep one handy in case of emergencies.

3.Carefully plan a budget:

You have to make a realistic budget according to your income and spending. Sharpen your pencil and reduce spending on small things like excessive coffee, eating out, cell phone calls or any such thing which is not a necessity. Drop memberships of places you don’t go and cut out bad habits.

4.Take help from a debt councilor:

If financial crisis management is not your thing, take help from credit counselors who give services like debt management, debt consolation or debt settlement for your ease.

5.Save for emergencies:

Make sure you don’t give all your money to pay off debts. Put aside a limited amount of money, so in case of emergencies you don’t need to borrow any more money.

Use these tips to develop a sound financial freedom plan. Small and reachable goals will lead to the achievement of huge goals eventually!