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Be Free Financial is very helpful to me because they were able to give me a service more than I expected. One day, I received a call from one of their specialist and offered to give me a free quote for my payday loan , that was a big help for me since that time I am thinking of the other ways how can I budget my money for all the bills, credit cards and other expenses. I decided to consolidated with them since I realized that I will be saving a lot of money on their service. Now, I am living a debt free life.


I looked up to my mom. She’s wonderful and a strong woman. My Dad left us when I was 4 and I have a little brother whose two that time. I’ve seen my mom worked so hard for us not knowing what’s going on with her. We simply lived happily as me and my brother grew up and now I’m 20 and my brother 18. Mom was always busy. And I’ve been wondering why she has to do part time jobs. Then one day, I found out why. I was at home and I got this call looking for my mom and had something to do with delay on loan payments. So I told my mom about it. Then I noticed from that day on, she looked worried and there was one night that I heard her complaining, I felt sorry for my mom, and kinda worried. Another day, another phone call I got, somebody looking for my mom and i said she’s at work, and the lady said about payday loan. “Is this a creditor again or what?” , said to myself. I was told they are into helping people get freed out of debt. So there it goes, I told my mom about BeFreeFinancial and gave her their number (I took the number 888-926-1337, thinkin’ it would help mom). Mom called that number and she looked so excited and happy and told me, that somebody from heaven have smiled upon us. Today, Mom have given up one of her jobs, that she needs more time with us and we love that. Thank you Befreefinancial! – Chloe Dwight, Tampa, Florida


I’m michelle, single mom have 3kids. i dont have job now so its not fun taking care of their needs i left a debt when i was still working in our company now this is the catch how can i pay my debt now that im broke? good thing my friend told me that my debt can be i rush to my friends house and talk to her about that company who can help me consolidate it..thanks be free financial for helping us broke ones start up a new life


Hi! I’m Rachelle a mid-wife I’m having headache on my creditors they harassing me on phone calls.
Then one day i heard the Be Free Financial that they help people on this kind of problem that I experiencing now and thank God they really help me a lot my creditors never bother me anymore because they handle it well all of my Creditors.

Be Free Financial they really free you from debt

I sincerely appreciate the effort of this company to help people like me.



Foreclosure Avoided with Debt Relief Help

Due to extenuating circumstances the bank was threatening to foreclose on my home. With over $25,000 in credit card debt, medical expenses, and bankruptcy looming on the horizon, I had reached my hopeless feeling. I did not want to lose my home, or go into bankruptcy, but I honestly thought I had no other options.

Be Free Financial offered me the options that I had been searching for. When I called the customer service line I was met with a friendly and helpful representative who offered to evaluate my current financial situation. They obtained my credit report, for free, and took an extensive report on the current debt I held.

Once my credit and financial situation were evaluated, it was determined that debt consolidation was the best debt relief option for me. I make a substantial income, just never knew how to allocate the funds to get out of debt. With the debt consolidation my $1,200 monthly credit card payments (at minimum) were reduced to under $300 a month. Even better, I was paying on the actual principle, instead of the interest. Saving that much each month on my credit card debt and medical expenses allowed me to get caught up on my mortgage payment. While I am still in debt, the collection calls have stopped, I am not longer facing foreclosure or bankruptcy and I can finally breathe easy as I see my debt reduced each and every month. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.


Payday Loans: Not a Consumers Friend

It was Friday; I needed cash for a weekend out. Maybe not the most important reason to get a payday loan, but I did it anyway. The only reason I did this was because I was supposed to be getting a huge bonus on my next payday. I took the payday loan, had a blast all weekend and then got back to work. However, when Friday arrived, no bonus was included. We were told it was a problem with accounting; this was a big problem for me.

The rest of my paycheck went to bills, which meant I could not pay the payday loan. The services offered an extension option, which I took, raising my interest rate by 10 percent of what it was before. My bonus still had not arrived a month later and I found myself with payday loans from six different loan establishments just to pay a different one.

I called Be Free Financial at this point. They offered me several solutions for the Payday loan trap I had found myself in. I opted for the payday loan settlement, which allowed me to pay off all the money I owed quickly and easily. Their services took care of everything. They took care of calling the creditors, arranging the payments, literally everything. They were friendly, helpful and explained the process step by step. After six months living from payday loan to payday loan I was finally free, thanks to the Be Free Financial Team.


Credit Card Debt Relief, At Last!

I found myself over $10,000 in unsecured credit card debt, cut to part time hours at work, and no additional funds in sight last year, which made me feel as though I was drowning, with no help in sight. I was having at least 10 collection calls daily to my home and cellular phone, and my mailbox was crammed with collection letters, demanding payment now, threatening judgments and other scary terms.

I had tapped my friends and family for every penny I could borrow, and felt guilty even showing my face around them. I was sinking, and quickly losing hope. A friend suggested Be Free Financial, which I was skeptical about because of the many negative things you hear about credit repair companies. However, as soon as I was connected with an associate, I knew I had made the right decision.

She was nice, patient, and even listened to me rant and rave about how the debt was not my fault, even though it completely was. When I was done she laid out my options. She said that it was ultimately my decision but provided each of the options that were available, including debt settlement, debt consolidation and even bankruptcy, and then suggested the one that would be best for my situation: debt consolidation. This was because with my limited income I could still work toward better credit, and have money to live. A few days later my contract arrived for the companies helped and once I sent it back all collection calls stopped in a matter of days. I am now several months into my payment plan, and have even been able to pay back some of my family. This is the best feeling I can imaging and the stress that was present has completely disappeared, thanks to Be Free Financial.