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IRS Debt

IRS debt is nothing to be taken lightly. The fact is that it can seriously impact your life in negative ways if you do not take action to do something about it. However, many American’s are so far in debt, they are unable to find a way out. They continue to dig their whole deeper. When it comes to tax debt, a bankruptcy will not help. You have to find a way to either pay what you owe, or negotiate the balance down with the IRS.

Sound intimidating? It can be. Remember, first and foremost IRS personnel are bill collectors. Therefore, when you call for help they will be trying to do everything possible to collect the money that is owed. This can be bad news for the average consumer.

Calling Be Free Financial can provide you the support and help needed to reduce your tax debt, as well as the other unsecured debt you have. They will talk with the IRS on your behalf to determine you best plan of action. With new laws in place, you may be eligible for an Offer in Compromise, which is when you offer the IRS a smaller amount for the money that you owe. However, tax laws and regulations can be difficult to understand; therefore you need a professional service on your side that knows the ins and outs of handling these situations.

In some cases, you may be able to arrange payments on your IRS debt and consolidate or settle your other debt. This can also be a method to regain control of your finances.

Once you call Be Free Financial you can discuss your options and have your financial situation evaluated to help determine a plan of action. There are no easy answers when it comes to debt, especially IRS debt. However, having a team on your side that understands the process of reducing or eliminating IRS debt will provide you with the ability to once again find financial freedom.

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Real Estate Debt

Owning real estate is the American dream for some. However, with problems such as the recent housing market crash, millions of real estate owners have found themselves in serious financial situations. While homeownership is considered to be “good debt,” owning real estate has its risks.

For anyone who has real estate and finds themselves struggling to pay their bills, they may look to foreclosure as a solution. This allows the lending bank to reclaim the property and sell it themselves. This process does not let the owner off for the original mortgage, however, and this often leads to bankruptcy.

This can be avoided. Prior to liquidating or foreclosing on your real estate, consider other debt you could eliminate to ease your financial burden. Be Free Financial can help you complete this evaluation that will allow you to keep your real estate and avoid foreclosure and bankruptcy. In order to do this you will either opt for a path of debt consolidation and debt settlement.

When you choose debt consolidation you will be able to take all of your current debts and combine them into one, convenient monthly payment. However, due to the fact that a debt consolidation requires the use of your home’s equity, it may not be a good idea for people who are already struggling with real estate debt.

The more popular option for this type of situation is debt settlement. This allows Be Free Financial to negotiate on your behalf, to reduce the amount of debt you have into a fraction of the original amount. This allows you to pay of the remaining debt in either a lump sum or installments and be able to afford the real estate you own.

This can be a difficult process, when real estate is involved. However, with the help of Be Free Financial you can find the freedom to maintain ownership of your properties while reducing the other debt that you have. This can be beneficial for you in several ways and ease the stress and burden that you experience each and every day.

Mortgage Debt

When you are facing the possibility of losing your home because you have fallen behind on your mortgage payments it can be a scary and overwhelming process. The reason for this struggle can be due to any issue, including a family member losing a job or emergency medical expenses. You may also be suffering from having a mortgage that had a fixed rate for a few years and then changed over to an adjustable rate. You never know what to expect with this type of mortgage rate, causing you to no longer afford your home.

No matter the reason for your mortgage woes, there is help available. The Federal Trade Commission, which is the agency that protects consumers, provides sources to help you avoid foreclosure and save your home.

Another source of help, which will fight with you on the front lines, is Be Free Financial. Their professional staff understands the steps that must be followed to help homeowners avoid foreclosure and get back on the path to healthy home ownership.

The first step is to determine the type of mortgage that you have. Be Free Financial will determine the options available to you by the type of loan you have. Once they have evaluated your situation they can begin negotiating new terms. This may include one of the following processes:

  • Forbearance: This allows homeowners to have their payments suspended for a certain amount of time. After the time period they will begin paying again at regular intervals with a lump sum payment for the overdue amount.
  • Loan Modification: This is a negotiation to change one or more of the terms of your mortgage to make the payments more affordable for you.
  • Chapter 13 Bankruptcy: This may provide you an option to keep your home, and pay it off at a lower rate. This process can be very overwhelming, which is why contacting a Be Free Financial representative is so important.

The fact is that having to face losing your home can be scary, overwhelming and stressful. However, there is hope for your situation. It is important to know your options in order to prevent the unthinkable.

Student Loan Debt

Student Loan Debt Help!

College is expensive. This is a simple fact. In order to handle the cost many students find themselves taking out loans to cover the expenses. Upon graduation, their student loan debt has grown so much that even with a high paying job; they will be paying on loans for years to come. If you are at a point where you can no longer pay your student loan debt, there are options available. The first step is to call Be Free Financial, where you can explore your options with a professional advisor, who understands how to help you regain control of your finances.

You have two basic options when your student loan debt has become too much to handle:

  • 1.Consolidate Student Loan Debt
  • 2.Refinance Student Loan Debt

When you consolidate your student loan debt you will be combining all of your student loans into one, affordable payment. However, these consolidation plans may come with high interest rates. This is where Be Free Financial can step in and help you consolidate your loans, with an affordable interest rate. You will be able to have one, single, monthly payment.

If you choose to refinance your student loans you can lower your payment and interest rate, however you will still owe the full amount of the loan. If you struggled to pay it before, chances are, you will again. In these instances, it is probably a good idea to consolidate your student loans.

Be Free Financial will negotiate with your lenders on your behalf. They will work to achieve a payment that you can easily afford. Many times they can also help eliminate excessive interest charges that were applied due to late payments. By being able to apply your payments to the principle of the balance, you can pay the loan off sooner.
Student loans are typically given by government agencies. However, the debt will be sold to collection agencies once you have paid late for a certain amount of time. When this occurs you can easily consolidate your loans, with your lenders being more than willing to work with you.

Credit Card Debt

Credit Card Debt Help!

When you need help with overwhelming credit card debt, consolidation the debt you have may be the best option for you. This process involves paying off debt by creating one, manageable and affordable payment from all of your current debts. This will help provide you a safe financial footing, once again. If you are seeking a credit card consolidation service, you may be hesitant due to the many scams that are online now. However, when you choose Be Free Financial, you are choosing a family owned and ran company, which has a proven track record of successes for their clients.
When you seek credit card consolidation with Be Free Financial you will experience the following benefits of these services:

Single Monthly Payment

By consolidating all of your payments you will only be left with one, monthly payments, instead of multiple payments. This makes it easier and less stressful coming up with all the necessary funds to pay each individual credit card.

Reduction in Interest Rates

When you opt for credit card consolidation your interest rates on your unpaid accounts will be lowered. This will mean that the money that you pay will be applied to the actual principal, instead of the interest, helping you pay off the debt sooner.

Late and Over Limit Fees

Be Free Financial will work hard to have the credit card companies eliminate all the applied late and over limit fees that are present on your accounts. This will also help you pay the debt off sooner.

Avoid Bankruptcy

For many consumers, they believe that the only way out of financial debt is by filing bankruptcy. However, with credit card consolidation you can avoid bankruptcy and still reduce your debt and raise your credit rating.

No more Collection Calls

This is perhaps, the most appealing aspect of consolidating your credit card debt. You will sign a Power of attorney for each creditor, giving Be Free Financial the authority to take and handle these calls on your behalf. This is typically a huge burden lifted from your shoulders.

When you seek credit card consolidation you should not use your credit cards during the pay-off process. This will simply negate the efforts that are being made to help you become financially free.


The simple fact is that bankruptcy is not easy. It actually costs you money to file bankruptcy. You are looking at fees in the $1500 range, which means that many consumers are too broke to even file bankruptcy. However, Be Free Financial can help. There is no need to tackle this alone when you can have the dedicated and professional financial team on your side.

In some cases you may realize that bankruptcy is not necessary. There are many other services such as debt consolidation and debt settlement. These can help you reduce the effects on your credit rating that bankruptcy can cause. However, if you find yourself in the situation where bankruptcy is your only way out, you need help.

The paper work alone is enough to make your head spin. Additionally, with recent changes in laws and regulations there are many debts that you still have to repay, even after filing bankruptcy. Understanding all of these factors is crucial, prior to filing.

Be Free Financial team members will walk you through the process step by step. They will help you know if you have any other options, and ensure that your paperwork is in order and everything is handled properly to avoid legal implications.

You should also understand that bankruptcy takes time. In fact, depending on the amount and type of debt you have, it can take up to six months to file. During this time, our team will work to stop collection calls and notices and help you proceed through the filing process as stress free as possible.

We understand the overwhelming feeling of being in too much debt. The fact is that many American homes are facing this exact same problem. However, reaching out to our team is the first step to financial freedom. No matter if you chose a consolidation or settlement option, or to file bankruptcy our representatives will help you do so. They have years of experience helping people just like you achieve the financial freedom they need to live day to day without the burden of financial stress. No more wondering how to pay bills or get groceries, we will help you regain control of your life.

Debt Consolidation

If you are experiencing overwhelming debt burden, you may be seeking help to reach financial freedom. One option that you have is debt consolidation. This is a debt relief procedure where all of your individual debts are combined together into one, easy to handle, monthly payment. This will help you easily overcome your debt and rebuild your good credit.

Our debt consolidation services at Be Free Financial provide you with several benefits. You will be walked step by step through the debt consolidation process, with our professional team handling all of the heavy lifting that is involved. The steps to debt consolidation include:

Step 1: Counseling

Once you contact Be Free Financial, you will have a debt professional go over your credit and debt health. They will determine if this is the best option for your specific situation and then determine which of your debts are eligible to be included in your debt consolidation plan.

Step 2: Sign the Contract

Once a debt consolidation plan has been established, you will need to sign the contract with the company. This is a written agreement that outlines each party’s responsibilities. This will also include any fees that are charged for the debt consolidation services.

Step 3: Begin Making Payments

You are responsible for making timely payments on your debt consolidation plan. Failure to do so may result in default of the plan, which would reinstate all of your previous debts. Once you have made this agreement you need to ensure you can afford the monthly payment. Paying on time each month will help you quickly gain your financial freedom.

Debt consolidation can help with a wide array of debt problems, including missed payments, accumulated late fees, when you are using credit cards to pay bills and many others. Once you have established a debt consolidation plan you will immediately notice a reduction in collection notices and calls, which will also reduce your stress associated with the financial burden. Also, the services we offer at Be Free Financial will ensure that all the small details are handled to ensure that once your payment plan is completed, you are truly out of debt. Hello financial freedom!

Payday Loans Consolidation

If you find yourself stuck in debt due to payday loans and actively seeking a way out, you should consider payday loan consolidation. When you opt for this service, you will be negotiating with your lenders for lower rates on your debt and consolidating multiple loans into a single, larger monthly payment. This process will help you out of the vicious payday loan loop and allow you to once again gain control of your money.




There are several options if you choose with your payday loan debt.


Option #1: Payday Loan Negotiation

This allows you to negotiate lower, more affordable rates for your existing payday loans. Many times, if you use this option, any late payments or fees will be eliminated completely if you stick to the new repayment plan that is agreed upon.


Option #2: Consolidation Loan

This is a loan that will be obtained for the sole purpose of paying off your payday loans. You will receive a lower interest rate and the ability to pay low monthly payments, which will make the debt easier to handle.

However, keep in mind that these negotiations may not be easy, especially if you owe on more than one payday loan, from multiple lenders. This is where the services of Be Free Financial come in handy. We can handle the negotiations for you, obtaining the absolute best rate possible. Having years in this business, we understand how creditors work and what can be arranged. Many times you may feel your options are limited when you try to consolidate loans alone;
however with the help of our services, you can easily be on the road to financial freedom.

Using these options will provide you with many benefits including:

  • Low monthly payments.
  • Single monthly payments instead of multiple payments.
  • Lower interest rate.
  • No more calls for collection purposes.

These benefits will reduce the stress you experience due to financial problems and allow you to manage your money, pay off your debt and still afford to pay for day to day necessities.


Just some of the states we service.

Payday loan consolidation in Alabama
Payday loan consolidation in Arizona
Payday loan consolidation in Arkansas
Payday loan consolidation in California
Payday loan consolidation in Colorado
Payday loan consolidation in Florida
Payday loan consolidation in Georgia
Payday loan consolidation in Illinois
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Payday loan consolidation in Michigan
Payday loan consolidation in Mississippi
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Payday loan consolidation in Nevada
Payday loan consolidation in New Jersey
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Payday loan consolidation in South Carolina
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