Credit Counseling

When you need help with overwhelming credit card debt, consolidation the debt you have may be the best option for you. This process involves paying off debt by creating one, manageable and affordable payment from all of your current debts. This will help provide you a safe financial footing, once again. If you are seeking a credit card consolidation service, you may be hesitant due to the many scams that are online now. However, when you choose Be Free Financial, you are choosing a family owned and ran company, which has a proven track record of successes for their clients.
When you seek credit card consolidation with Be Free Financial you will experience the following benefits of these services:

Single Monthly Payment

By consolidating all of your payments you will only be left with one, monthly payments, instead of multiple payments. This makes it easier and less stressful coming up with all the necessary funds to pay each individual credit card.

Reduction in Interest Rates

When you opt for credit card consolidation your interest rates on your unpaid accounts will be lowered. This will mean that the money that you pay will be applied to the actual principal, instead of the interest, helping you pay off the debt sooner.

Late and Over Limit Fees

Be Free Financial will work hard to have the credit card companies eliminate all the applied late and over limit fees that are present on your accounts. This will also help you pay the debt off sooner.
Avoid Bankruptcy

For many consumers, they believe that the only way out of financial debt is by filing bankruptcy. However, with credit card consolidation you can avoid bankruptcy and still reduce your debt and raise your credit rating.

No more Collection Calls

This is perhaps, the most appealing aspect of consolidating your credit card debt. You will sign a Power of attorney for each creditor, giving Be Free Financial the authority to take and handle these calls on your behalf. This is typically a huge burden lifted from your shoulders.

When you seek credit card consolidation you should not use your credit cards during the pay-off process. This will simply negate the efforts that are being made to help you become financially free.