Debt Consolidation

If you are experiencing overwhelming debt burden, you may be seeking help to reach financial freedom. One option that you have is debt consolidation. This is a debt relief procedure where all of your individual debts are combined together into one, easy to handle, monthly payment. This will help you easily overcome your debt and rebuild your good credit.

Our debt consolidation services at Be Free Financial provide you with several benefits. You will be walked step by step through the debt consolidation process, with our professional team handling all of the heavy lifting that is involved. The steps to debt consolidation include:

Step 1: Counseling

Once you contact Be Free Financial, you will have a debt professional go over your credit and debt health. They will determine if this is the best option for your specific situation and then determine which of your debts are eligible to be included in your debt consolidation plan.

Step 2: Sign the Contract

Once a debt consolidation plan has been established, you will need to sign the contract with the company. This is a written agreement that outlines each party’s responsibilities. This will also include any fees that are charged for the debt consolidation services.

Step 3: Begin Making Payments

You are responsible for making timely payments on your debt consolidation plan. Failure to do so may result in default of the plan, which would reinstate all of your previous debts. Once you have made this agreement you need to ensure you can afford the monthly payment. Paying on time each month will help you quickly gain your financial freedom.

Debt consolidation can help with a wide array of debt problems, including missed payments, accumulated late fees, when you are using credit cards to pay bills and many others. Once you have established a debt consolidation plan you will immediately notice a reduction in collection notices and calls, which will also reduce your stress associated with the financial burden. Also, the services we offer at Be Free Financial will ensure that all the small details are handled to ensure that once your payment plan is completed, you are truly out of debt. Hello financial freedom!