Foreclosure Avoided with Debt Relief Help

Due to extenuating circumstances the bank was threatening to foreclose on my home. With over $25,000 in credit card debt, medical expenses, and bankruptcy looming on the horizon, I had reached my hopeless feeling. I did not want to lose my home, or go into bankruptcy, but I honestly thought I had no other options.

Be Free Financial offered me the options that I had been searching for. When I called the customer service line I was met with a friendly and helpful representative who offered to evaluate my current financial situation. They obtained my credit report, for free, and took an extensive report on the current debt I held.

Once my credit and financial situation were evaluated, it was determined that debt consolidation was the best debt relief option for me. I make a substantial income, just never knew how to allocate the funds to get out of debt. With the debt consolidation my $1,200 monthly credit card payments (at minimum) were reduced to under $300 a month. Even better, I was paying on the actual principle, instead of the interest. Saving that much each month on my credit card debt and medical expenses allowed me to get caught up on my mortgage payment. While I am still in debt, the collection calls have stopped, I am not longer facing foreclosure or bankruptcy and I can finally breathe easy as I see my debt reduced each and every month. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.