Josh B.

My mom was telling me not to get a payday loan but I needed it very badly to pay some bills off. I got the loan and got trapped inside the loop hole of the payday loans. I was stuck and paying $267 a month and not even touching the amount I borrowed. I got be hide on my payments and creditors started calling me day and night. I need a solution and started to search for one. I found Be Free Financial on google and signed up for a free quote. A representative at Be Free called me right away and gave me a surprised by cutting my payments down by 50%. I know I couldn’t believe it either. They told me I would be in the program only 8 months! Needless to say I completed the program and I’m debt free today! I hope anyone with payday loan debt can reach Be Free Financial so they can solve your debt too!

Josh B.

Chris F

I am having a huge problem on how to solve my pay day loan ($1500). Tried to go to different debt loan companies but I don’t think that they can’t help me. I was hopeless. Then I found the site of Be Free Financial and called the phone number 888-926-1337 and this very helpful representative explained how the program works. And after 6 months I am debt free now. Thank you so much Be Free for the help. I saved a lot of money and at the same time I also have for my personal savings when I sign up with Be Free. Thank you so much!!

Dana S

If you got payday loans and you’ve been harassed by payday loan companies, then its about time that you need to put a stop on this. Let Be Free Financial take over. Be Free call number 888-926-1337.

Dana Shore Atalanta


Hi this is Kitty, I got 5 payday loans and it’s really hard for me to pay it all. When I search the internet for an answer, I got BE FREE FINANCIAL. They had my loans consolidated, RIGHT THERE AND THEN and Just waited for 2 weeks for them to negotiate with my creditors. Thank you so much and keep up the great job!


Hi I’m Jen, I have this never-ending problem with my payday loans when it comes to reducing or eliminating my debt. I know that there’s no secret formula to making this happen. But that’s what I thought. Be free financial, MADE IT HAPPEN! That’s why I’m so thankful to them! Keep up the good job guys!


I am a bakery owner. I started with a small capital hoping to grow bigger. First few years went along fine and profitable. Due to changing times, prices and commodities went higher, so as the people who works for me — meeting their salary. I resorted to getting loans from banks and I got this credit card that have been maxed out. One of my staff attending my shop answered a phone call, I was so busy attending the shop. I asked what was the call about and I was told It was about Be free Financial. Good thing, my staff got their number. I was really praying for a solution to my prayer, i don’t wanna lose money but my obligations, my bills are overlapping. I had to do something. I dialed the number and my payday loans got consolidated and I was really amazed how BFF settled my problems. I cant thank them enough. Go, go, go Be free financial! – Dothy McNamara, Kansas


We are short of words expressing our gratitude. Thanks for your help and counseling, setting us free of debt, and saving us half of what we owed. I hope with all my heart that you keep on doing such an amazing job helping others during this recession, which made it almost impossible to survive this economy. Thanks to your help we kept up with our responsibilities. This is why we feel a great commitment of expressing in this simple letter one of the many ways of saying we are forever grateful. We feel the need to inform others of the great work you have done providing us with this much needed help so they know that they are not alone and that there is help out there to make it easy and possible to survive these hard times without any stress.



Problems with payday loans? I got those too. But I am freed by Be Free Financial. How did it happen? Well, I came home from work and its my routine to check the answering machine. One call got me interested with the mention of payday loan. Its from one of BFF’s representative mentioning about helping people who have payday loans, and lessening loan payments without interest accruing. I right away called the number mentioned in the voice message (888-926-1337). My pdl loans got consolidated and my payments were reduced.

Shannon Hicks


Hi, I’m Jane. I just wanna share how be free financial.com helped me. I have a job, as a hair dresser. My husband and I have lots of debt but we can pay it because both of us have a stable job. But when my husband died on an accident, now, I don’t know how I can pay the debts. I don’t know what to do. But when I found out about befreefinancial.com, I was relieved because they helped me helped me consolidate my loans. Now, I got my loans paid, and have nothing to worry about.

John M

I will never forget the help that I received from Be free financial and I will definitely recommend their services. After undergoing a downsizing/extended unemployment, I was overwhelmed with debt. I tried to handle the situation on my own, but to no avail. After praying about my situation, I researched companies on the internet and felt guided to contact Be free financial. Be free financial and their affiliates were wonderful throughout the entire settlement process, they are truly angels in disguise. Now the only payment that I have is a mortgage – thank you Be free financial!

John M.


My name is Julio, single dad and a father of 3. I’ve been troubled for over a year now because of my debts. I just don’t know what to do anymore since I met Pat of Be free financial. I was browsing over the internet trying to find a solution to my problem and I came across Be free financial. I asked my friends about it and told me they enrolled in the program. I researched about the company and I decided to enroll as well. I came in and pat approached me, he is so entertaining and I feel like I knew him already. He explained to me how their program works and how it can help me. So I decided to enroll immediately and after my session I was on tears that I couldn’t believe that I am debt free. Thanks to Pat you really are an angel. More power to you and your company.


im johanna, im a single mom and no fix salary, im just working as a baby sister, and lost everything when i had a divorce. and one friend of mine told me that to check out the befree site for consolidating pay day loans and to discover that they cut off up to 50 percent so there i talked to a person named rose and thankful for she was there to listen and help me.


Hi! I’m Amanda. Be free Financial played a big role on helping me to have a debt free life. When I spoke to one of their financial analyst, I cant almost believe that I can save that much at the same time i can pay all my debts with their program and I can say that I am very happy with their service.


One year ago I was drowning in payday loans- trying to pay them back and getting absolutely nowhere. I searched the computer to try and find a reputable company. I Be free financial and read up on their company and decided to make the call. That was the best decision I ever could make. The representative at that time walked me through the process of what it would entail and the company took it from there. If I had a question about anything I would receive a response to my email the same or next day. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs assistance with their financial situation. Thank you Be free financial. found Be free financial and read up on their company and decided to make the call.

-John C.


I enrolled with Be free financial in March 2013, shortly after separating from my wife. After the separation, my entire financial situation changed, and I had no idea what I was going to do. That was when I found Be free financial and I was saved! They negotiated all of my past due credit accounts and helped me get out of debt. I would have ended up spending thousands more than I needed to if it hadn’t been for them. Or even filing for Bankruptcy. They know the meaning of customer service too. They don’t forget about you once you enroll, and they are always there to answer a phone call or an email. They truly are a lifesaver, and I couldn’t have asked for better out of my debt settlement company.

-Bob K.


I have really been looking forward to getting these loans eliminated. I hope all goes well and I can get my finances back in control. Maybe be able to sleep at night not having to worry about how I am going to pay my bills with the outstanding loans I had. Thank you for being so patient and holding my hand thru this whole process.

-Dylan A.


I am living a debt-free life and thanks to Be Free Financial! How? I called their number (888-926-1337) and talked to one of their representative and she transferred me to one of their financial specialist, and discussed about my payday loans. I got 5 payday loans and boy, life was really hard then. I’m so thankful that I got into an advert about a program that helps people get freed from their payday loans. I got one hell of an offer that am so glad I haven’t missed. No more worries of loan payments and that’s all settled five months ago. More power to BFF. – Glenda Baker, New York


My name is Alex and I have a debt for over $10,000.I really don’t how should I pay that amount and it really frustrates me until I met Pat of Be free financial .I can’t express enough how you have taken a huge burden off my shoulders. I was so scared and depressed until I picked up the phone and called at. At first I was skeptical, because it sounded too good to be true. But it really is.. and I really thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you and God Bless. I would definitely endorse your company to my family and friends. Cheers!


Just few months ago, I had this pressing financial problem. It’s about my payday loans. I wanted to pay on time but my budget didn’t permit me to do so. I’m single though and living alone. But I’ve been in and out of job. Paying rent, daily food sustenance, monthly bills would always be at my back. So every time that I’m out of job, I resorted to getting payday loan. The first one was easy as I can still meet the expense requirement that I have to cut down some expenses. But there was one time that i was out of job for a longer period, I had to get another loan. And this was my misery started. Meeting up loan payments ahead of my obligations was too much since it went to paying only the interests. How would then I can get out of this loan burden if the loan principal amount wasn’t even touched. It’s too alarming that I can’t afford to be unemployed. I started praying for God’s help. Then one day, I came to know about this Be Free Financial program. I talked to one of their financial specialist and explained to me everything. So I was set up for a payment scheme that is lower than what I was supposed to pay monthly. Imagine the loan I was paying that only went to interest, now it includes the principal. Next month, I will
be totally debt-free and thanks to Be Free Financial. – Gregory Woodrow, Miami FL


Im Happy I talk to one of the Manager of BE FREE FINANCIAL and she helps me with my Dept. before im paying $1300 a month but now im paying 108.33 Only and its for 12 month WOW what i help, THANK YOU BEE FREE FINANCIAL Keep it Up Guys.

Shirley Scott, USA


Be Free Financial is very helpful to me because they were able to give me a service more than I expected. One day, I received a call from one of their specialist and offered to give me a free quote for my payday loan , that was a big help for me since that time I am thinking of the other ways how can I budget my money for all the bills, credit cards and other expenses. I decided to consolidated with them since I realized that I will be saving a lot of money on their service. Now, I am living a debt free life.


I looked up to my mom. She’s wonderful and a strong woman. My Dad left us when I was 4 and I have a little brother whose two that time. I’ve seen my mom worked so hard for us not knowing what’s going on with her. We simply lived happily as me and my brother grew up and now I’m 20 and my brother 18. Mom was always busy. And I’ve been wondering why she has to do part time jobs. Then one day, I found out why. I was at home and I got this call looking for my mom and had something to do with delay on loan payments. So I told my mom about it. Then I noticed from that day on, she looked worried and there was one night that I heard her complaining, I felt sorry for my mom, and kinda worried. Another day, another phone call I got, somebody looking for my mom and i said she’s at work, and the lady said about payday loan. “Is this a creditor again or what?” , said to myself. I was told they are into helping people get freed out of debt. So there it goes, I told my mom about BeFreeFinancial and gave her their number (I took the number 888-926-1337, thinkin’ it would help mom). Mom called that number and she looked so excited and happy and told me, that somebody from heaven have smiled upon us. Today, Mom have given up one of her jobs, that she needs more time with us and we love that. Thank you Befreefinancial! – Chloe Dwight, Tampa, Florida


I’m michelle, single mom have 3kids. i dont have job now so its not fun taking care of their needs i left a debt when i was still working in our company now this is the catch how can i pay my debt now that im broke? good thing my friend told me that my debt can be consolidated..so i rush to my friends house and talk to her about that company who can help me consolidate it..thanks be free financial for helping us broke ones start up a new life


Hi! I’m Rachelle a mid-wife I’m having headache on my creditors they harassing me on phone calls.
Then one day i heard the Be Free Financial that they help people on this kind of problem that I experiencing now and thank God they really help me a lot my creditors never bother me anymore because they handle it well all of my Creditors.

Be Free Financial they really free you from debt

I sincerely appreciate the effort of this company to help people like me.



Foreclosure Avoided with Debt Relief Help

Due to extenuating circumstances the bank was threatening to foreclose on my home. With over $25,000 in credit card debt, medical expenses, and bankruptcy looming on the horizon, I had reached my hopeless feeling. I did not want to lose my home, or go into bankruptcy, but I honestly thought I had no other options.

Be Free Financial offered me the options that I had been searching for. When I called the customer service line I was met with a friendly and helpful representative who offered to evaluate my current financial situation. They obtained my credit report, for free, and took an extensive report on the current debt I held.

Once my credit and financial situation were evaluated, it was determined that debt consolidation was the best debt relief option for me. I make a substantial income, just never knew how to allocate the funds to get out of debt. With the debt consolidation my $1,200 monthly credit card payments (at minimum) were reduced to under $300 a month. Even better, I was paying on the actual principle, instead of the interest. Saving that much each month on my credit card debt and medical expenses allowed me to get caught up on my mortgage payment. While I am still in debt, the collection calls have stopped, I am not longer facing foreclosure or bankruptcy and I can finally breathe easy as I see my debt reduced each and every month. There is definitely light at the end of the tunnel.


Payday Loans: Not a Consumers Friend

It was Friday; I needed cash for a weekend out. Maybe not the most important reason to get a payday loan, but I did it anyway. The only reason I did this was because I was supposed to be getting a huge bonus on my next payday. I took the payday loan, had a blast all weekend and then got back to work. However, when Friday arrived, no bonus was included. We were told it was a problem with accounting; this was a big problem for me.

The rest of my paycheck went to bills, which meant I could not pay the payday loan. The services offered an extension option, which I took, raising my interest rate by 10 percent of what it was before. My bonus still had not arrived a month later and I found myself with payday loans from six different loan establishments just to pay a different one.

I called Be Free Financial at this point. They offered me several solutions for the Payday loan trap I had found myself in. I opted for the payday loan settlement, which allowed me to pay off all the money I owed quickly and easily. Their services took care of everything. They took care of calling the creditors, arranging the payments, literally everything. They were friendly, helpful and explained the process step by step. After six months living from payday loan to payday loan I was finally free, thanks to the Be Free Financial Team.


Credit Card Debt Relief, At Last!

I found myself over $10,000 in unsecured credit card debt, cut to part time hours at work, and no additional funds in sight last year, which made me feel as though I was drowning, with no help in sight. I was having at least 10 collection calls daily to my home and cellular phone, and my mailbox was crammed with collection letters, demanding payment now, threatening judgments and other scary terms.

I had tapped my friends and family for every penny I could borrow, and felt guilty even showing my face around them. I was sinking, and quickly losing hope. A friend suggested Be Free Financial, which I was skeptical about because of the many negative things you hear about credit repair companies. However, as soon as I was connected with an associate, I knew I had made the right decision.

She was nice, patient, and even listened to me rant and rave about how the debt was not my fault, even though it completely was. When I was done she laid out my options. She said that it was ultimately my decision but provided each of the options that were available, including debt settlement, debt consolidation and even bankruptcy, and then suggested the one that would be best for my situation: debt consolidation. This was because with my limited income I could still work toward better credit, and have money to live. A few days later my contract arrived for the companies helped and once I sent it back all collection calls stopped in a matter of days. I am now several months into my payment plan, and have even been able to pay back some of my family. This is the best feeling I can imaging and the stress that was present has completely disappeared, thanks to Be Free Financial.