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John M

I will never forget the help that I received from Be free financial and I will definitely recommend their services. After undergoing a downsizing/extended unemployment, I was overwhelmed with debt. I tried to handle the situation on my own, but to no avail. After praying about my situation, I researched companies on the internet and felt guided to contact Be free financial. Be free financial and their affiliates were wonderful throughout the entire settlement process, they are truly angels in disguise. Now the only payment that I have is a mortgage – thank you Be free financial!

John M.


My name is Julio, single dad and a father of 3. I’ve been troubled for over a year now because of my debts. I just don’t know what to do anymore since I met Pat of Be free financial. I was browsing over the internet trying to find a solution to my problem and I came across Be free financial. I asked my friends about it and told me they enrolled in the program. I researched about the company and I decided to enroll as well. I came in and pat approached me, he is so entertaining and I feel like I knew him already. He explained to me how their program works and how it can help me. So I decided to enroll immediately and after my session I was on tears that I couldn’t believe that I am debt free. Thanks to Pat you really are an angel. More power to you and your company.


im johanna, im a single mom and no fix salary, im just working as a baby sister, and lost everything when i had a divorce. and one friend of mine told me that to check out the befree site for consolidating pay day loans and to discover that they cut off up to 50 percent so there i talked to a person named rose and thankful for she was there to listen and help me.


Hi! I’m Amanda. Be free Financial played a big role on helping me to have a debt free life. When I spoke to one of their financial analyst, I cant almost believe that I can save that much at the same time i can pay all my debts with their program and I can say that I am very happy with their service.


One year ago I was drowning in payday loans- trying to pay them back and getting absolutely nowhere. I searched the computer to try and find a reputable company. I Be free financial and read up on their company and decided to make the call. That was the best decision I ever could make. The representative at that time walked me through the process of what it would entail and the company took it from there. If I had a question about anything I would receive a response to my email the same or next day. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who needs assistance with their financial situation. Thank you Be free financial. found Be free financial and read up on their company and decided to make the call.

-John C.


I enrolled with Be free financial in March 2013, shortly after separating from my wife. After the separation, my entire financial situation changed, and I had no idea what I was going to do. That was when I found Be free financial and I was saved! They negotiated all of my past due credit accounts and helped me get out of debt. I would have ended up spending thousands more than I needed to if it hadn’t been for them. Or even filing for Bankruptcy. They know the meaning of customer service too. They don’t forget about you once you enroll, and they are always there to answer a phone call or an email. They truly are a lifesaver, and I couldn’t have asked for better out of my debt settlement company.

-Bob K.


I have really been looking forward to getting these loans eliminated. I hope all goes well and I can get my finances back in control. Maybe be able to sleep at night not having to worry about how I am going to pay my bills with the outstanding loans I had. Thank you for being so patient and holding my hand thru this whole process.

-Dylan A.


I am living a debt-free life and thanks to Be Free Financial! How? I called their number (888-926-1337) and talked to one of their representative and she transferred me to one of their financial specialist, and discussed about my payday loans. I got 5 payday loans and boy, life was really hard then. I’m so thankful that I got into an advert about a program that helps people get freed from their payday loans. I got one hell of an offer that am so glad I haven’t missed. No more worries of loan payments and that’s all settled five months ago. More power to BFF. – Glenda Baker, New York


My name is Alex and I have a debt for over $10,000.I really don’t how should I pay that amount and it really frustrates me until I met Pat of Be free financial .I can’t express enough how you have taken a huge burden off my shoulders. I was so scared and depressed until I picked up the phone and called at. At first I was skeptical, because it sounded too good to be true. But it really is.. and I really thank you from the bottom of my heart. Thank you and God Bless. I would definitely endorse your company to my family and friends. Cheers!


Just few months ago, I had this pressing financial problem. It’s about my payday loans. I wanted to pay on time but my budget didn’t permit me to do so. I’m single though and living alone. But I’ve been in and out of job. Paying rent, daily food sustenance, monthly bills would always be at my back. So every time that I’m out of job, I resorted to getting payday loan. The first one was easy as I can still meet the expense requirement that I have to cut down some expenses. But there was one time that i was out of job for a longer period, I had to get another loan. And this was my misery started. Meeting up loan payments ahead of my obligations was too much since it went to paying only the interests. How would then I can get out of this loan burden if the loan principal amount wasn’t even touched. It’s too alarming that I can’t afford to be unemployed. I started praying for God’s help. Then one day, I came to know about this Be Free Financial program. I talked to one of their financial specialist and explained to me everything. So I was set up for a payment scheme that is lower than what I was supposed to pay monthly. Imagine the loan I was paying that only went to interest, now it includes the principal. Next month, I will
be totally debt-free and thanks to Be Free Financial. – Gregory Woodrow, Miami FL