I looked up to my mom. She’s wonderful and a strong woman. My Dad left us when I was 4 and I have a little brother whose two that time. I’ve seen my mom worked so hard for us not knowing what’s going on with her. We simply lived happily as me and my brother grew up and now I’m 20 and my brother 18. Mom was always busy. And I’ve been wondering why she has to do part time jobs. Then one day, I found out why. I was at home and I got this call looking for my mom and had something to do with delay on loan payments. So I told my mom about it. Then I noticed from that day on, she looked worried and there was one night that I heard her complaining, I felt sorry for my mom, and kinda worried. Another day, another phone call I got, somebody looking for my mom and i said she’s at work, and the lady said about payday loan. “Is this a creditor again or what?” , said to myself. I was told they are into helping people get freed out of debt. So there it goes, I told my mom about BeFreeFinancial and gave her their number (I took the number 888-926-1337, thinkin’ it would help mom). Mom called that number and she looked so excited and happy and told me, that somebody from heaven have smiled upon us. Today, Mom have given up one of her jobs, that she needs more time with us and we love that. Thank you Befreefinancial! – Chloe Dwight, Tampa, Florida