I am a bakery owner. I started with a small capital hoping to grow bigger. First few years went along fine and profitable. Due to changing times, prices and commodities went higher, so as the people who works for me — meeting their salary. I resorted to getting loans from banks and I got this credit card that have been maxed out. One of my staff attending my shop answered a phone call, I was so busy attending the shop. I asked what was the call about and I was told It was about Be free Financial. Good thing, my staff got their number. I was really praying for a solution to my prayer, i don’t wanna lose money but my obligations, my bills are overlapping. I had to do something. I dialed the number and my payday loans got consolidated and I was really amazed how BFF settled my problems. I cant thank them enough. Go, go, go Be free financial! – Dothy McNamara, Kansas