Payday Loans: Not a Consumers Friend

It was Friday; I needed cash for a weekend out. Maybe not the most important reason to get a payday loan, but I did it anyway. The only reason I did this was because I was supposed to be getting a huge bonus on my next payday. I took the payday loan, had a blast all weekend and then got back to work. However, when Friday arrived, no bonus was included. We were told it was a problem with accounting; this was a big problem for me.

The rest of my paycheck went to bills, which meant I could not pay the payday loan. The services offered an extension option, which I took, raising my interest rate by 10 percent of what it was before. My bonus still had not arrived a month later and I found myself with payday loans from six different loan establishments just to pay a different one.

I called Be Free Financial at this point. They offered me several solutions for the Payday loan trap I had found myself in. I opted for the payday loan settlement, which allowed me to pay off all the money I owed quickly and easily. Their services took care of everything. They took care of calling the creditors, arranging the payments, literally everything. They were friendly, helpful and explained the process step by step. After six months living from payday loan to payday loan I was finally free, thanks to the Be Free Financial Team.