Credit Card Debt Relief, At Last!

I found myself over $10,000 in unsecured credit card debt, cut to part time hours at work, and no additional funds in sight last year, which made me feel as though I was drowning, with no help in sight. I was having at least 10 collection calls daily to my home and cellular phone, and my mailbox was crammed with collection letters, demanding payment now, threatening judgments and other scary terms.

I had tapped my friends and family for every penny I could borrow, and felt guilty even showing my face around them. I was sinking, and quickly losing hope. A friend suggested Be Free Financial, which I was skeptical about because of the many negative things you hear about credit repair companies. However, as soon as I was connected with an associate, I knew I had made the right decision.

She was nice, patient, and even listened to me rant and rave about how the debt was not my fault, even though it completely was. When I was done she laid out my options. She said that it was ultimately my decision but provided each of the options that were available, including debt settlement, debt consolidation and even bankruptcy, and then suggested the one that would be best for my situation: debt consolidation. This was because with my limited income I could still work toward better credit, and have money to live. A few days later my contract arrived for the companies helped and once I sent it back all collection calls stopped in a matter of days. I am now several months into my payment plan, and have even been able to pay back some of my family. This is the best feeling I can imaging and the stress that was present has completely disappeared, thanks to Be Free Financial.